the accountant 電影 會計師線上看,會計刺客線上看,The

the accountant 電影 會計師線上看,會計刺客線上看,The

會計師線上看,會計刺客線上看,The Accountant線上看,暗算港線上看,會計師臺線上看-電影…

會計師會計師線上看,會計刺客線上看,The Accountant線上看,暗算港線上看,會計師臺線上看沉默而神秘的數學天才克里斯蒂安·沃爾夫(本·阿弗萊克飾),從事的則是默默無聞的會計行業,專門為世界各大犯罪機構做賬。隨著財政部官員雷·金(J·K·西蒙斯飾)對於金融犯罪的關注,克里斯蒂安找來一家
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按一下以檢視2:08:002 天前 · A forensic accountant un-cooks the books for illicit clients. Movies Anywhere Watch your purchase on Movies Anywhere supported devices SD HD UHD UHD selected Rent $3.99 Buy $14.99 Once you select Rent you’ll have 14 days to start watching the movie
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A forensic accountant un-cooks the books for illicit clients. I have asperger’s and was told to watch this movie by my father while we were having our weekly brunch. I was reluctant at first because it looked like a BS film from the trailer,an i have better things to spend
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《會計師》由《蝙蝠俠對超人:正義曙光》班·艾佛列克主演,【勇者無敵】導演蓋文·歐康諾執導克利斯汀沃夫(班·艾佛列克 飾)是一名數學專家,對數字比對人還熟悉,他表面上是在小鎮的會計師事務所工作,但他實際上是為全世界最危險的一些犯罪組織擔任
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按一下以檢視2:20克利斯汀沃夫(班艾佛列克 飾)是一名數學專家,對數字比對人還熟悉,他表面上是在小鎮的會計師事務所工作,但他實際上是為全世界最危險的一些犯罪組織擔任自由接案的會計師。財政部的犯罪稽查局在雷金(J.K.西蒙斯
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You can almost hear screenwriter Bill Dubuque ask that question and then crack his knuckles during the opening minutes of “The Accountant.” Said opening minutes, directed with customary nose-to-the-grindstone conviction by Gavin O’Connor, feature a strange scene of an urban mob massacre, tinged in sepia and boasting a lot of faux-celluloid graininess, to imply “period grit.”
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會計師(The accountant):神通廣大的孤獨天才 @ 天空飛翔的 …

會計師 The Accountant 班艾佛列克 Ben Affleck 安娜坎卓克 Anna Kendrick JK 西蒙斯 J.K. Simmons 電影評論 觀影心得 全站熱搜 創作者介紹

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A forensic accountant un-cooks the books for illicit clients. Director: Gavin O’Connor Writer: Bill Dubuque (screenplay) Stars: Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, Jon Bernthal http
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新浪部落,個人部落,部落格,黃英雄電影部落 會計師(The Accountant) – 黃英雄電影部落 – 新浪部落 導演:蓋文‧歐康諾(Gavin O’Connor) 主演:班‧艾佛列克(Ben Affleek) 安娜‧坎卓克(Anna Kaendrick) 美國 / 2016年 / 120分
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【電影感想】The Accountant(會計師)_ 當然有雷 我去看了!!! 雖然晚了10天~~~ 不過我還是一如宣言,進到電影院去貢獻我的一票
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The Accountant cooks the books to perfection, serving up a nourishing feast of R-rated action, refreshingly engaging characters and a script that kept me guessing – liberally peppered with some
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Find where to watch The Accountant in New Zealand. Ben Affleck is Christian Wolff, a math savant working as an accountant for some of the world’s most dangerous criminal organisations in this thriller from the director of Warrior
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